I don’t want anything negative to happen,

But I would like to be mentally prepared for anything negative,

The unpredictable and volatility of this life makes the travel sometimes treacherous,

God prepare me

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❎My Wrong ✅My Right

❎How dare you disagree,

Are you really taking up for yourself,

You shouldn’t be stating your point of view,

And if you do you should say it the way I want you to,

If you agree with me were cool,

But if you disagree I’ll label you a negative fool,

I don’t have to play tough guy to take up for myself,

Some people choose to artistically articulate their point of view,

Others choose different ways,

I’m not here to say what’s right or wrong,

I’m just speaking for what I do,

What I believe to be true is we can disagree and respect one another

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The Right Thing

There are times that people do good deeds and get horrible things in return,

Should that concern me,

Sway me away from being kind,

In my mind I’d like to think good deeds get rewarded,

Many things are done because I would want someone to do the same for me,

Other things are done just because its who I am,

Don’t get weary of doing the right thing even if there is no reward

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Cool ( Haiku)

What I think I am

I never strived to be this

Many might disagree

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Smiling Faces (Haiku)

Either laugh or cry

Sad faces in the mirrior

Smile less energy

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In My Prime

Realize all you can do is your best,

Someone is always going to feel let down or slighted,

You can’t fight it,

That’s just the way it is,

Don’t just say your giving your best effort and your not,

No one else might notice or know but you know,

And God knows,

I don’t think its possible for me to give my best at everything, even the daily mundane things in life,

Is it possible to try?

The important things in life deserves my best rather I always give it or not,

I’m not perfect and I’ll never be,

Life is not perfect,

I don’t expect perfection I do expect effort at times,

I absolutely believe if I’m alive I’m in my prime

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I want to tell you everything but I can’t,

I get it all out metaphorically and creatively,

I let you see my heart when I do this,


Because I always have, way before this,

Inside these simple words are secrets and personal thoughts

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What’s The Difference

What’s the difference between using someone as an example,

Comparing yourself to someone else,

Criticizing someone,

And judging someone,

It all seems the same to me

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What Can I Do

To be viewed in a certain light what are you willing to do,

For people to perceive certain things about you what are you willing to do,

To be cool,



What are you willing to do,

I’m not going out of my way for another sinner like me to view me a certain way,

I just pray God looks down on me with love,

And that when my life is over I will go up above

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Don’t Let Them In

So many distractions to take your mind off the important things,

Don’t be so concerned about other people’s opinions about you,

“They always talking about me?”,

Who is “They”?,

And why do you care what “They” think,

If “They” are not even important enough to put a name to, how important could their opinion be?,

There are millions of other thoughts that could be occupying your mind,

Don’t let gossiping, nosey people find a way in,

It’s hard to keep them out,

But if you continually let them in they’ll never leave

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