My Prayer 8/1/21

God please ease my spirit and calm my soul,

I believe you can do anything,

I believe in you,

It’s been a string of random crime in our streets recently,

Mothers, daughters laying on cold streets,

God help us!

God help me be a blessing a calming presence to someone,

God help me help someone else,

Please keep my family safe,

Please let us all become closer and more pleasing to you,

I don’t want to act like I have it all figured out,

I don’t want to act like I know it all,

I just want to be blessed enough to not only help others but help myself when I fall,

It’s all in your hands I can’t control this world,

God be with me,

Make me stronger,

Please keep blessing me with more faith,

For those who don’t believe in God I don’t want to have any ill will towards them,

I just know what I believe,

Help me to believe more,

God have mercy and grace on me,

God have mercy and grace on us all,

In Jesus name I pray,


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I feel refreshed,

Brand new,

Able to fight another day,

God has been very good to me,

Sometimes I have to calm down and look around to completely see how good he has been,

I really believe from within that I have been blessed


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I Really Love You

I love you more than you could imagine,

It’s not fake love for the world to see,

This love is ours its between you and me,

I don’t want to “Play Love”,

I’m too old for those types of games,

It’s a shame that you don’t know how I feel,

I’ve told you several times and I’ve showed you several times,

We all have trust issues so I don’t blame you for being weary,

That won’t stop or diminish my love for you,

You’ll see it one day,

Maybe today,

I Love You

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Good Advice?

Obviously all advice isn’t good advice,

Think more than twice before to act on someone else’s advice,

There is no universal advice,

It’s that person’s point of view it’s not a fact,

There is a lack of sound advice and guidance,

If I get advice from someone that’s always out for their own intrest and no one else’s, is that good advice?

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I attempt to express positivity over negativity,

Everyone should have a proclivity for positivity,

You can’t express with only words it takes activity,

Use your creativity,

There is no normality when you create,

No matter how you do anything objectivity will always exist

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The Blueprint

There is no blueprint for creativity,

No outline on how to create,

No one is reading your mind,

They can’t tell you how to find your creativity,

You are the Blueprint!

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If you mind your own business then your mind will be on your business,

What good is it for me to know every aspect of a person’s life I’ll never even meet,

If I know more about a celebrity family than my own, it might be an issue,

It’s hard not to know about many things, but it’s the obsession that gets in between fiction and reality,

The knowledge obtained from gossip and drama won’t gain you anything,

So and so celebrity did this,

So and so celebrity did that,

I’m supposed to act like I care,

The art they produce is what interests me,

I don’t want to see someone’s dirty laundry play out on TV,

I have enough of my own to worry about,

So I’m not going to shout and scream over some celebrity that people only dream to meet,

Put things in perspective and see that they are just regular people like you and me

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What Happened to an Opinion

I do know what to say,

I just don’t know what I can say,

Even if I say if respectfully,

There’s always going to be someone out there offended by me,

What happened to ” I understand what your saying I just respectfully disagree “?,

What you call a fact might be an opinion to me,

Its absolutely ok to disagree

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I’m Thankful

I try not to take it for granted,

I’m immensely grateful,

I know what it could have been,

How it could be,

How it was,

And I’m thankful,

I’ve been brought out of situations and problems that seemed impossible,

I remember,

I don’t just brush it off and move on,

If I can worry about my problems,

I can take time to count my blessings,

I’m thankful

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This is My Prayer

Thank you for another day,

Thank you for life,

Bless me to live a long and healthy life,

Full of happiness and joy,

Bless me to be able to be a blessing to others,

Please keep my family and I safe,

Help me to accomplish my goals,

Help me to obtain more faith,

This is my Prayer

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