Lost In The Moment

I wish I had got lost in the moment,

I wish I had taken it all in,

The moments were here now gone forever,

So many beautiful times,

You often want to rewind,

It’s only possible in your mind,

In those times I wish I had been lost in the moment focused on the beauty and happiness of it all,

I know now how to enjoy a moment,

I know how to be thankful for a laugh,

I know how to cherish a good day,

I don’t take anything away from the learning experience from bad moments,

But the good times I love,

I thank God above for every smile, every laugh,

Everytime I’ve had moments filled with love,

Now I know how to get lost in the moment.

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I Pray

There is something that I do so very often,

I do it second to breathing,

I pray,

It is rooted into what I believe in,

From within I am always doing this it seems,

I pray

Its something that makes dreams come true,

Something that I believe takes care of me and you,

Maybe my anxiety plays a part how much I do this,

I’m positive my anxiety plays a part,

But each time it comes straight from the heart,

Even at this very moment I’m praying.

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Everyone Would Say

You shouldn’t do that because “Everyone would say”,

This is not how you should plan your day,

Or your life,

How do you know what everyone would say,

It’s a bold thought to think everyone is thinking about you,

If your doing what you feel is right,

Who cares what anyone says

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Point of View

Don’t let a stranger tell you what success is,

As a matter of fact don’t let anyone tell you what success is,

Make up your mind on what you think success is,

Its billions of blueprints,

Trillions of architects,

If you try to emulate them all you’ll never build anything,

Do your own thing,

Bring something new by simply being you

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The Interview pt2: Paying Attention

Do you ever pay attention to people’s clothes?

Almost never. Occasionally someone’s clothes catch my eye. There are only a few reasons someone’s clothes catch my eye, if they are dressed very unique to me, or their personality makes me observe their clothing more closely. Other than that, I honestly don’t care.

I’ll give you a few examples. The other day at work my co worker asked me, ” did you see the lady with the bright red shoes pass by?” I told her no. The reason why is , never in my entire life have I ever went out of my way to pay attention to someone’s shoes. I promise you of all the people I’ve ever known I couldn’t tell you what kind of shoes they wore. Also my friends have asked me if I’ve noticed if a woman had a ring on her hand or not. I’ve never ever even looked at a womans hands for a ring or anything else.

I just don’t pay any attention to clothing or accessories. There have been times when I have been in a relationship or close friends with a woman that I have paid attention to her clothes but on a regular basis never. You’d have to be dressed very unique or in something that I really like to catch my eye and that happens like once a month, and even then I don’t look at shoes and hands.

Do you think that’s odd?

Considering that most people do pay attention to those things, yes. I consider myself a very observant person, but if the cops told me to describe what someone was wearing, they would never catch the person. God made me blind to certain things.

Is there a downside?

Most definitely. Just like I don’t pay attention to people’s clothing, I can’t stand when people pay close attention to mine. I like to dress nice. I like nice clothes. Key word is “I”. If I think I look good, I LOOK GOOD. I don’t dress to impress strangers. I dress to impress myself and if I’m in a relationship I dress to impress her. Other than that I’d rather people pay no attention to my clothing. I want people to pay attention to me, my personality. If people pay attention to anything pay attention to if I’m polite, funny, interesting, intelligent and so on. My opinion on how I look and dress is the most important opinion to me.

Have you always been this way?

Yes. People say I’m in my own little world. It’s not that, it’s just like I said before God made me blind to certain things. I pay very close attention to the way I dress, but I do that for myself.

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Talk Talk Talk

Is it always something to say,

Is there a reason to just pointlessly talk all day everyday,

Do you have anything new to say,

Is it the same complaints,

The same gossip,

The same dumb questions,

I’m not being negative these are real questions,

I know some people if they got paid by the word they would be rich,

All they do is talk, talk, talk,

Its usually never anything new,

The same old same,

And then they blame others for getting in their business,

Well if you shut up we wouldn’t know your business,

I’m not in a bad mood,

I don’t feel bad,

I just don’t feel like talking about nonsense,

And if you had any sense you would feel the same way sometimes.

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What else Can I Say

Things happen beyond anyone’s control,

Don’t feel bad it wasn’t your fault,

You didn’t do everything right,

But you also didn’t do everything wrong,

Sometimes it feels like your mind is full of sad songs,

You wonder how long will it be cloudy,

Where is the Sun!

It’s ok to break down,

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,

Just try to not stay broken,

While your down there pray,

Then get up and fight a good fight everyday,

I say these things not only to encourage you,

But to encourage myself,

I hate money,

But I love wealth,

The wealth of happiness and love,

The wealth of peace and faith,

Life is going to be easy only a short amount of time,

The rest is going to take discipline, work and faith,

Keep God first from day to day,

I honestly have nothing else to say.

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I believe in prayer

Someone was praying for me ,

I’m positive someone was praying for me even when I wasn’t praying for myself,

I appreciate it,

I’m thankful that someone else was even thinking about me in a positive way,

From day to day it’s a real battle,

I couldn’t win without prayer,

That’s what I believe,

I’m going to keep believing and I’m going to keep praying,

Praying for you as well as myself.

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Your Dreams

Are your dreams to big,

Should you ever stop dreaming, wake up and just settle,

Or should you try to win your race,

Keep the peddle to the metal,

Some say yes,

Others say no,

What do you say,

Its your life and your dreams,

Something’s seems impossible until you do them,

If you don’t fight for what you want who will,

If you feel that this is for you go get it,

If God is for you then nothing can be against you,

Believe this to be true,

And everything somehow some way will always work out for you.

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This story is about Kevin,

Kevin lived in a rough neighborhood,

The kind of place no one should choose to be,

Kevin lived accross the street from the biggest drug dealer in the city,

At a young age he had witness some horrific things,

What a pity,

His life, it was a game of survival,

Where even the people under your same roof are your rivals,

Kevin believed everything had a reason,

And everyone has thier season,

If God didn’t have a plan for him he wouldn’t be breathing,

Most of his friends weren’t,

And the ones that were, took breaths behind bars,

Sentenced for murder all the way to stealing cars,

See Kevin was blessed from beyond the Stars,

Blessed to be alive,

Blessed to have survived,

Kevin was no angel but he still strived to do the right thing,

He thought “even though I’m a sinner, my goal is to bring a smile to Gods face“,

He had this thought without any trace of selfishness or wanting blessing in return,

Kevin messed up often,

But his faith was firm,

God had always been there when no one else was there,

Kevin called out to God when no one else cared,

Kevin prayed to God and Kevin believed he spared his life countless times,

Kevin was never a lover or a fighter,

Kevin was a thinker,

Kevin often thought about helping others,

And making the world around him brighter,

I refer to Kevin in the past tense,

Since Kevin is no longer with us due to nonsense,

On a friday morning with the sun shining bright,

Some random people in a gang decided they were looking for a fight,

Kevin was on his way to his new job in Retail,

Little did he know he wasn’t going to be able to tell his story,

Kevin walked outside in front of his house waiting on his ride to work,

When some jerk decided to approach him aggressively talking junk,

Kevin was a nice guy but he was no ones punk,

The last words he ever heard was “what set do you claim chump“,

Then he heard the pump from a shotgun and pow,


What a way to go for some one who had so much potential,

So much to show,

I don’t even know how to end this story,

I pray for Kevin and his family ,

He has went on to glory.

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