Dear Pain (Haiku)

Please go away now

I wish you did not exist

Everyone knows you well

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Poetry (Haiku)

I have love for you

What joy you bring to my pain

Sunshine in my rain

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I Can’t Pretend

I still can’t pretend,

I think it’s something within me that won’t allow it,

It’s not something to boast and brag about,

Not being able to pretend makes you stand out,

How can I pretend we are friends when I know we’re not,

That’s like pretending it’s cold when its scorching hot,

Many people pretend their way straight to the top,

I’m not judging them for pretending,

They can pretend,

I’m just not

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A Message To Me From My Heart

Being thankful for what you have is not settling,

Maximizing on your strengths and working to improve your weaknesses is not futile,

Excepting who you are and trying to be the best version of that person is not unrealistic,

Attempting to be positive in a negative environment is not impossible,

Making the best out of the situation that your in doesn’t mean you want to stay in that situation,

If someone doesn’t believe in what you believe in it’s ok you love and pray for them anyway,

Just keep listening and I promise I will speak to you everyday.

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Intro to LOVE

What a journey love has been,

It has taken me to my highest and my lowest,

What power,

Beauty and mystic,

It can bring joy to a person’s life,

It can also bring heartache,

I’ve felt love,

No other feeling can compare,

Money and fame doesn’t even come close,

Lust and riches has nothing on love,

Real love,

I love my family,

I love my friends,

And I love myself,

I love God

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Visions From The Heart

If I could see with my heart I probably would want to be blind,

The things that I would find in others would either scar me, scare me or increase my faith,

Real intention would show,

I would know exactly where your heart is,

If you mean exactly what you speak,

Who will I be able to find that practices what they preach

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I Wish I Knew

I don’t want to be angry because your angry,

I don’t want to fight fire with fire because that makes no sense,

All I would like is peace,

The little bit of harmony we do have negative people are trying to make that cease,

If I’m not bothering you at all,

Why bother me,

I don’t see the point,

Some people thrive on negativity,

It’s like a hobby,

I wish I could pinpoint the issue we have,

I don’t have the answer

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Let’s Start With Respect

Please be kind,

I know you have heard it countless times,

Don’t do something to someone you don’t want done to you,

You know, treat people the way you want to be treated,

It appears at times that we have been defeated,

Have faith that God will touch hearts and minds,

Help us all find common ground,

Respect is a great start.

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Don’t Wait

After seeing so many people come and go away,

I made a promise to myself to say what I have to say,

No one is promised another day,

Maybe I won’t see all my dreams come true,

Maybe I won’t be able to accomplish all my goals,

I can control what I say,

That’s the reason words have so much power,

It’s one of the few things in this life you can control,

I’m happy that I have grabbed ahold of being more thankful for life,

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that showing love to one another is weak,

People talk a big game once someone is gone away,

But when they were here you weren’t even in the game to play,

Show and give love today.

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I promise you in the end the money won’t mean anything,

It means something right now,

Search for something that means something forever,

If you are rich or become rich what is that going to do for you,

It can’t prolong your life,

It can’t give you a second chance,

It can’t buy you love,

It can’t buy you peace,

It can’t make you a better person,

So what can money do?

Control you

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