Sincere Thoughts:Success

I don’t think you should try to reach someone else’s version of success. I think you should make up in your mind what you think success is, and try to reach that.

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Sincere Thoughts:Intro/Love Yourself

I started recording my thoughts on various subjects for someone very close to me. I recorded them to let them know how I think. I was hoping they would find something useful in my words. I never got around to letting them hear them, so I’ll let everyone hear them.

Love Yourself : I think that you can’t enjoy life to the fullest if you don’t love yourself.

Love Yourself

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Open the Door

One day I’m going to open the door,

I’m not afraid,

I just don’t want to stifle my creativity,

If the door is open and everyone is welcome I’m also welcoming people into my personal business,

Some people I don’t want to be anywhere close to my door,

Others I keep away because after if I let them in I will have to be particular in what I say,

I want to be free to speak my mind,

One day they’ll find out if I’m the person they assume I am,

One day when I open the door

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The Proof

What are you trying to prove,

A better question is who are you trying to prove something to,

I really hope it’s you,

Because if it’s not,

It’s not your fault,

We just differentiate in the way we think,

I think life is over in a blink and I can’t waste mine trying to prove myself,

What’s the proof anyway,



If that’s proof than I’d trade that all for happiness and health

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This Place

There is this place of artistic beauty,

Where you can dream as big as you want to dream with no boundaries,

Here love is free, there is no fee,

Where good times last forever,

Its always your favorite weather,

Time moves when you want it to,

Trapped in the moment,

Forever young,

First love,

Real love,

Lost love,

This is a place of love,

There are no worries,

No tears,

Fears don’t exist,

It’s just a breezy summer night surrounded by loved ones…

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Can I Motivate You

Can I motivate you,

I really want to,

Because all my life I wished someone would motivate me,

Not just to be seen,

Real motivation,

Like always love yourself,

Improve and grow,

Strive to be a better you,

But always love who you are,

No one is perfect,

So be careful with comparisons and advice,

Don’t think twice about if you are worth loving,

You and your love are both priceless,

These are not just words this is how I really feel,

You have to figure out what’s really real,

Can I motivate you,

Maybe I can,

Understand even if I can’t God is always there,

That’s all the motivation you really need

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Speak It Into Existence

Good health and happiness is on the way,

Dreams will come true,

I will accomplish every goal I have,

I will fall in love and my love and I will stay in love,

I will continuously get blessing from above,

I will never put anything above God,

I’m not going to chase money,

Money is going to chase me,

I will see heaven after a very long happy, healthy, fulfilled life on this earth,

I will find out that God had spectacular things set up for me since birth

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Thoughts on Love

I’m not neccessary looking for love,

But my eyes are open,

My heart is open,

My mind has to find a way to trust love again,

I’m a strong believer in love,

What a blessing it is to find love,

Love is very mysterious and illusive to me,

I found love once and lost love twice,

Look can be extremely mean and it can be lovingly nice,

I’ve seen it in both forms from the same person,

If real love is forever have I really ever met love,

The love I knew walked out,

The love I knew was a cheat,

The love I knew knocked me off my feet,

Maybe it wasn’t a mutual feeling,

I know what I felt,

So what do I think of love and relationships,

I think they are dangerous, unpredictable and complicated,

I also think they are beautiful, amazing, and heavenly,

Maybe I’ll find love or maybe love will find me

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Open/Closed Minded

My mind is open,

It’s also closed,

I’m open minded to new ideas,

I’m open minded to exploration and discovery,

I’m closed minded to being forced into a certain train of thought,

I’m closed minded to looking for negativity,

I’m closed minded to intentionally causing negativity,

You mind is free to think whatever you want,

And my mind is free to disagree,

I have countless issues,

Yet I absolutely love being me,

My mind is open,

My mind is also closed

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Money On The Mind

Let’s be real I’m not money hungry,

I am hungry though,

Money can’t solve my problems or issues,

It can pay the bills though,

What would I do for money?

It’s more things I won’t do for money than I will,

Until I get blessed with a financial breakthrough,

I’m going to work and not steal,

I’d like to be financially free and that’s real,

Not to show off,

Not because I think it’s so important,

To get it off of my mind,

Money is like medicine to me,

I hate taking it but sometimes I actually need it to survive,

But it is what it is , because it’s not money its God keeping me alive

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