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How long have you been writing poetry? -Over 20+years. How did you first discover poetry? - I discovered poetry by accident around 8 or 9 years old. I was taking a science test and there was a question about the moon. My answer was in kind of poetic form and the teacher thought it was great. My answer was " The moon is like a flashlight and the sun turns it on". After that I kept writing poetry and started to read a lot of books. I also listen to a bunch of music, all kinds of music. Mainly R&B music. I put song lyrics in the exact same category as poetry. When did you first get anything published? -I was 12, a family member was in a contest at work. She was 16 years old working at a clothing store in the mall. It was a tshirt contest. They had to write a slogan or a poem. I wrote it she won, I got nothing except a bigger interest in poetry. I still remember some of the poem " Thank you expiration, For all your dedication, Throughout the years, You have dried tears, You've always been there, To protect and care" . that's all I remember. Why do you write? - 1. It helps me with stress. 2. I like being heard. 3. I love poetry I see some of my poetry like abstract art. I know what I'm feeling when I write them but I want the meaning to be open to interpretation. Also poetry as art to me not competition, every poet that loves poetry is great. I just love to write poetry, everything I write isn't about me personally. I just try to think of how I would feel in different situations. So even though every poem isn't about me it's still my feelings.

Searching For A Hero

I’ve never understood having far away heroes, People you see on TV and listen to their music, Do you really think you know these people, They could possibly be people that you strongly dislike if you ever really met them, … Continue reading

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My Faith

Let me tell you something really deep, Something close to my heart and soul, I hold this closer to me than anything on this earth and beyond, My faith, I have faith because of all the examples and emotions that … Continue reading

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Don’t Give Up

Just hold on please, Don’t give up, If your around to have these emotions and thoughts there is still hope, Time won’t stand still and neither should you, Keep going, Keep trying, Its not over, Don’t look over your shoulder … Continue reading

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The Journey (Haiku)

Enjoy the journey Even when the road gets rough This is your one chance

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Today I Pray

Do you realize what today is, This is a day of endless possibilities, This is a day you didn’t have to see, Today is a day for improvement and gaining experience, Enjoy this day you will never see it again, … Continue reading

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Thinking About Me

I think the world of myself, I don’t base my accomplishments on wealth obtained, I don’t have a lane, I’m off-road, Unique, At least I think, The flaws I see, I know all my mistakes, I’m the one making them, … Continue reading

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What We Thought Was Love

Young and full of what we thought was love, We thought we were right, We thought it was a good fight, Us against the world for no reason, Who would have thought after the seasons changed love would be gone, … Continue reading

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Leaving Is Not Always Bad

Think about all the things you would have been through, All the nonsense and drama, A bunch of stuff that made no sense at all has happened, Violence never stopped it just got worse, Every other day there is a … Continue reading

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All A Dream

Coming home from work on a late night, Walking through this neighborhood it’s not uncommon to hear a scuffle or a fight, But then I saw the bright light of a muzzle flash, Bang! Bang! ” Oh my God did … Continue reading

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Mr Negative/Ego

You never see the bright side, According to you your always on the right side, Your perfect never sinned never lied, You claim that your good at everything you just never tried, Always trying to keep us in fear, One … Continue reading

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