Thoughts: You Don’t Know Me

I do not like to be stereotyped. I’m not talking about one stereotype, I mean any stereotype. I am an individual. See me as one person, with one unique personality,and one unique point of view. That’s how I try to see people.

I try my best to see each person as a separate individual from any group. When people assume anything about me it kind of bothers me. Unless they assume I love God. Anything else is just their opinion about me.

If I make a decision and tell you some of my personal opinions and thoughts, then maybe you do know me a little. But a stranger, co worker, random acquaintance, they’re just guessing.

My thoughts are probably weird, but I just don’t like people to think they know me when I’m positive they have no clue.

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2 Responses to Thoughts: You Don’t Know Me

  1. BAGEs aura says:

    Just because I tell you one or two things about me, it doesn’t I’ve told you all about me.
    Just because you’ve been around for so long, don’t go on about feeling like you have a hold on me… Because apart from the Spirit, every other grip is but a weak band that can be broken even by a little tweak of my fingers…

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