Breaking The Chain

There’s so many things I want to tell you,

I have my own version of the situation and I completely know that doesn’t make it true,

I’ve passed out blame a million times in my mind,

Thousands of times verbally,

At this point its absurd to me that you seem to still be the same,

No growth,

No maturity,

An adult still living a teenage life,

You can barley be a good citizen,

I don’t think I’m a good person,

I know I am,

But I still have feelings and opinions,

In my opinion it was a gigantic mistake we ever crossed paths,

You made me feel the wrath of love at an early age,

You stumped my growth at an early stage in life,

I’m no angel,

I chose to be with you,

The young immature brain can bring on a lifetime of pain and rain,

Me myself I think I broke the chain

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