Waking Thoughts

I woke up this morning with you on my mind,

I figured if I try to please you I will be happy,

Everyone has their limitations and situations,

How can I be the best version of myself,

I’ve seen what chasing wealth does,

I don’t want to do that,

I’ve seen what chasing lust does,

I don’t want to do that,

Then there’s chasing this mysterious level of success that the world created,

I definitely don’t want that,

Please God make me a man that is pleasing to you,

I know I’ll never be perfect or sinless,

I just want to be loved and happy,

I believe or I wouldn’t be asking,

I write these thoughts out like meditation,

There is no cure or medication for sin,

If life is a race,

I truly wholeheartedly believe from within all I need is God to win

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1 Response to Waking Thoughts

  1. jonicaggiano says:

    Lovely writing and praising Our Lord too. Thank you 🙏 🤗

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