12 years

I could have, should have did more with this time,

I’ve learned many lessons forced and unforced,

Time doesn’t heal all,

There is not always a person to catch you when you fall,

Try to enjoy life through it all,

Those are a few lessons I’ve learned,

In this time sturdy bridges have been burned,

I’ve had to distance myself from people I’ve known my entire life,

People have walked out that I thought would never leave my side,

I’ve learned how to ride and roll alone,

I’ve definitely got family,

Not too many friends,

Thank God I survived these years,

There have been many tears,

But I’m here!!,

I’ve fell in love,

Went back to college twice,

Accomplished some goals ,

Met some incredible people,

On the flipside,

I’ve lost love,

Lost friends,

Lost money and jobs,

Some people tried to rob me of my happiness,

It’s been a blessed time overall,

The last 12 years

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