Just A Thought (Picky People)

There are people I prefer not to be around, but there is one type that stands above them all. I call them “Picky People “. The kind of person that makes fun of everything about you all the time.

They purposely pay close attention to the way you speak and you facial expressions so they can pick at that. They pick at your physical appearance, the way you walk, your clothes, house, car… just any and everything. I’ve known way too many of these type of people and I still do. Now that I’m an adult I choose to be in presence of people like this as little as possible.

I know people like this from age 17 to 77. Just picky people. I have a few other words I call them but I’m trying to work on my language.

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3 Responses to Just A Thought (Picky People)

  1. BBYCGN says:

    I know the kind. 🤮

  2. It’s not fun to be around someone who constantly belittles you. Someone who cares for you the way you are is the best kind of friend, but that kind of person is sadly rare. Thanks for stopping by FriendlyFairyTales and laying lots of “likes” on me. My best to you on your authentic and charming blog.

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