My Mind Doesn’t Work Like That.( A Thought)

I do not like playing card games. My brain just won’t allow me to learn to play. Growing up my friends and family never ever played cards together. We played Uno an other board games.

As I got into my teens, friends often found it strange I couldn’t play cards. As an adult not knowing how to play any card games people think I’m insane. I could imagine it’s a bunch of fun if I actually liked it. Since I don’t it’s like torture.

Over my life it’s been several times I’ve been begged to join a card game because they were short a player. I’m just sitting there looking dumb not having one clue of what’s going on. People have unsuccessfully tried to teach me but it doesn’t work. It’s like I have a meantal block when it comes to playing cards. I don’t consider myself a genius by any means, but I’m far from an idiot. I just can’t play cards.

This crossed my mind when I saw someone trying to force their child to learn how to do something that was completely useless, and the child just couldn’t get it. The parent was getting really upset. I’m thinking, ” What your getting upset about that he can’t do might not be for him, everyone can’t play sports and a variety of other things. His mind just doesn’t work like that “.

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