Think About It

Imagine if you were on TV for the world to see twenty four hours a day,

If the world got to see your most private moments,

If they could view in real time every misstep you took,

Could you take it?

Would people think you fake it in public but in private your someone else,

That’s why I try to never paint myself perfect,

I’m a hypocritical sinner who is in very much love with God,

Your always talking about positivity?

Yeah, because I’m looking for it,

Your always talking about loving God,

Because I do and God loves me too,

Your always talking about your not perfect,

I’m not, I will never be and neither are you,

You don’t have to watch me to know I mess up often,

I’ll admit it,

And if everyone else was getting watched you be horrified at what you discovered,

People you thought were perfect might be some of the worst people on earth

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