Dear Heartache

I know who you are,

I don’t want to get to know you well,

I’ve felt your presence and you are cruel,

You can break the strongest person,

You like to come and go throughout life,

I remember when you hurt me,

One of the greatest pains I’ve ever felt,

The hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with mentally and physically,

You tried to destroy my life,

If it wasn’t for the Lord who was on my side!,

I would have crumbled,

I would have stumbled so hard I might not have gotten up,

You could have made me mess up my life up based on emotions,

There is no love potion,

There is pain after love leaves,

Dear heartache I don’t like you and I never will,

You make me feel sick and scared,

You make me feel weak,

It may be impossible but I pray to God that we never ever meet again

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3 Responses to Dear Heartache

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  2. abichica says:

    beautifully written and oh so angsty…

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