I don’t trust anybody,

I mean nobody,

I’m not bragging and boosting,

It’s a real issue,

I’ve been hurt so many times trusting causes stress to a certain degree,

I think I have PTSD from trusting the wrong people,

I love certain people more than life itself and I don’t completely trust them,

Not even close,

Over time the more I got hurt the less I trusted,

Now I feel alone sometimes because I trust no one or their intentions,

I wish there was an invention that measured trust in others,

Mother, sisters,brothers ,

I love them all but I trust none of them,

I trust people to be people,

People gossip,

People lie,

People abandon,

This isn’t just a random thought, I’ve always had a hard time trusting it’s just I trust less now,

How do I start trusting anyone when the majority of the time people have broken my trust,

Now I rush to conclusions about people before I get to know them,

It’s like I want the best from people but expect the worse,

I do trust God Completely,

I just have a hard time trusting anyone else

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1 Response to Trust

  1. Renee🌻 says:

    You can’t go wrong trusting in God, that’s for sure. He’s the only one who we can. People are human and let us down a lot of times. Some more than others. I find for myself, if there is something bothering me, I can take it to God and tell Him everything on my heart, talk to Him like a good friend. He never ever tells my secrets. And it gives me peace and happiness knowing I’m never truly alone. 🦋🌻🌞

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