Keep The Money

I got to do what to get a bunch of money?!,

You can keep it if I have to do that,

Money doesn’t change how you act,

You do,

If your broke and rude and become rich,

Now your rich and rude,

Your the same person with or without money unless you change,

Money is an inanimate object,

It’s a tool,

I won’t be the fool to think it can change my heart and brain,

It can fix a leaky roof in your house from the rain,

Can it make you sane or insane,

If my money has to come with shady deals and fake fame,

You can keep that too,

What I’m trying to tell you is,

I’d very much enjoy to be rich

But I’m not doing anything I consider strange, shady or wrong to be that,

If I can’t be rich, God give me what I need to get by and I’ll just deal with that

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