My Truth

You wanted them to pay attention to you right,

Now every word you say is scrutinized,

Whatever you mean to say you better say it clearly,

Are you getting weary of having an opinion at all,

You can be on top one day speak your opinion the next and fall,

Can you stand tall and speak your mind anymore,

I’m not sure,

It depends on where your mind is,

I try not to pay attention to what I think is stupidity,

Don’t disagree,

Please don’t be open minded,

And make sure you follow the crowd,

That’s all I hear a see no matter what lies are thrown at me,

I know my truth

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1 Response to My Truth

  1. henhouselady says:

    I enjoyed reading this poem. There are so many lies being thrown at us these days, It would be easier to follow the crowd. The problem is most of the time the crowd is moving in the wrong direction.

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