Just Writing

Growing up alone with just mainly your thoughts can make you different,

If its people around not sharing advice, not talking to you about life,

What’s the difference between that and being alone,

Lead by example,

Yes that works, but not for every occasion,

When you had no one sharing advice and guidance to you verbally as a child, its difficult to accept now,

No one told you what to do, just what not to do,

I think that product of your environment is so true,

I’ve said this a time or two,

You might not like the man I’ve become, but I’m still a man,

God taught me how to be a man,

I’m not perfect by any means,

But I always lean on Gods wisdom as much as I can,

Let me be real,

I feel I’m a strong man ,

No men in my house growing up,

No brothers, no uncles, no dad non of that,

But guess what I personally think I act like a upstanding gentleman most times,

I say most because I’m human,

I’m me,

I have my days,

I praise God daily for raising me to be the man I am,

Thousands of mistakes can’t take away Gods love for me,

And I’ve made thousands and still counting,

I’m also still breathing,

I feel God blessed me with a good heart,

Because there was no one really there to stop me from being apart of the wrong things but me,

I made some very great decisions along with some horrible mistakes,

Thank God I’m here to sit back an take away wisdom from my past experiences….

I’m just writing

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1 Response to Just Writing

  1. jonicaggiano says:

    Boy so true. We are all sinners. I too was brought up only being told the bad stuff I did. My parents were both alcoholics but they taught me about God. I will always be grateful that I too, have His word for direction. Sounds like you have been a good man. Sending blessings your way.
    Hugs 🤗

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