Thoughts on: Tom Sawyer Island Walt Disney World

1.Prepare to be hot on Tom Sawyer Island. You might be able to cool down on the caves, other than that straight heat!

2. Its not much to here in comparison to all the other places in Disney World. I would put this very last on the list.

3. If you have kids who like playing on playgrounds and being outside exploring they might like to go to this last.

5. Tom Sawyer Island is classic it’s been there a long time, but I have a feeling that its days are numbered. It’s just out of place now. If it was 1990 – back it would be popular.

6. If I were in an air conditioned place I would have loved to work on Tom Sawyer Island as a teenager. It doesn’t look like much going on.

7. Your going to have to wait on a raft to get to the island and wait on one to get back.

8. Tom Sawyer Island looks like fun on a cool not cold day.When you have absolutely everything else to do.

9.The heat makes it uncomfortable. As you can tell I’m not a super scorching heat weather person. Who is?

10.Whatever they replace it with is going to be way better. It’s in a great location too. It millions of better, more up to date, and more entertaining replacements. Tom Sawyer Island is a classic and it will go down in Disney World history, it needs to be history sooner then later.

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