Must You Profit!

Your selling advice?

Selling motivation?

Your selling freedom?

Your selling time?

Your selling creativity?

Your selling love??

How are you putting a price on things that have to monetary value?

These things are free!

If there not, they should be!

That’s like you selling me, me!

That makes no sense right?

Sort of like anyone making it there goal to profit off of things that are free,

Plus your gonna die eventually,

So why waste your precious time focusing on someone else’s time?

Why try to gain useless profit at the expense of someone else lives?

If you feel you have something useful to give, why not just give it away with no strings attached,

It’s not always an award for doing good,

Sometimes only God sees you,

Is that not good enough?

Must you profit?

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4 Responses to Must You Profit!

  1. johncoyote says:

    People who seek profit over all things. They can’t see the real joys in a life. Money is nice and love near is better. Outstanding poetry shared my friend.

  2. People continuously sellout.😢

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