As The World Turns Another Day

Can I find anything on this earth like you,

You are unique, one of a kind,

Nothing is perfect, and your imperfections add to your intrigue,

Troubles and unexpected emergencies do arise,

Everyday I am blessed enough to rise,

I feel privileged,

At times I don’t feel like I’m grateful enough,

At times I’ve felt like I’ve had enough,

Not enough of the blessing,

Not enough of the good times,

I get tired of the struggle,

Weary of walking a straight line,

I will not let the world define me,

I’m searching for acceptance on a higher level,

Time will not stop,

Everything will keep moving,

The world was here before us,

It will be here long after,

Please focus on the things that matter

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4 Responses to As The World Turns Another Day

  1. aruna3 says:

    Gorgeous.poem has some worthy massage to inspire other.most lovely and image is most beautiful,dear!!.

  2. Omatra7 says:

    ❤️ I love this 🙌

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