Getting Thoughts Out

I share my prayers because I’m not ashamed in what I believe in,

Some prayers are too personal to share,

I know many people don’t care what I think or believe,

Thats cool,

I learned growing up in school to stand alone if I must,

God is the only one I completely trust,

God will always be there,

And that’s why I’m still right here,

On the other side there are people who believe similar to the way I do,

And the ones that don’t I don’t want to judge you,

Because I don’t want you to judge me,

You might catch me saying the wrong thing,

Doing the wrong thing,

So I try not to bring the attitude of superiority or perfection,

No one will ever achieve those,

These are just thoughts to clear my mind,

I find it to be calming and relaxing,

Sometimes like now when I get a little frustrated and out of character ,

I need this,

I pride myself on attempting to have a cool calm demeanor,

Even when I want to scream and shout,

I just sit and write and get My Thoughts Out

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