If you mind your own business then your mind will be on your business,

What good is it for me to know every aspect of a person’s life I’ll never even meet,

If I know more about a celebrity family than my own, it might be an issue,

It’s hard not to know about many things, but it’s the obsession that gets in between fiction and reality,

The knowledge obtained from gossip and drama won’t gain you anything,

So and so celebrity did this,

So and so celebrity did that,

I’m supposed to act like I care,

The art they produce is what interests me,

I don’t want to see someone’s dirty laundry play out on TV,

I have enough of my own to worry about,

So I’m not going to shout and scream over some celebrity that people only dream to meet,

Put things in perspective and see that they are just regular people like you and me

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2 Responses to Celebrities

  1. Zaujat says:

    This so cool. 👍🏾

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