I’ll Keep Saying It

I’d like to paint myself perfect without any flaws,

Emotionally, physically and mentally,

But I can’t,

Thoughts race through my head some positive some negative,

There are people I like and others I don’t,

I try not to point the finger because I know it’s a thousand pointing back at me,

I see my flaws and weaknesses,

And I think I’m wise enough to know there are many others I don’t see,

I’ll continue to try to better myself,

Trust in God and pray often,

Other than that,

What can I do other than just be me…

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4 Responses to I’ll Keep Saying It

  1. Exactly, just be yourself, accept yourself. Good relevant post. 🙂

  2. Excellent and so true!

  3. Amen to that! “Just be me” well done ❤❤

  4. spiritualfantasia says:

    Great post and appreciate the authenticity!

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