Love Over Again

You ask them do they love you,

They say yes,

You put the love to the test over time,

You find out it wasn’t true,

They don’t really love you,

So what do you do,

You go through some pain and you bounce back ,

Then guess what you do,

You go out and try again,

And it doesn’t work,

Why would you put yourself through something that might be destined to fail,

Well, I guess that’s just apart of life

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1 Response to Love Over Again

  1. My dear friend,

    It is because the mind controls man, so he or she promises to love the partner the whole life, but mind is not stable and changes its mood like a chameleon. Real love does not change, it is above all problems and sees the connection of a loving couple as something divine. However, mostly we all come together with a certain partner because we have some debts to pay back from earlier lifes: give and take – or action and reaction – or cause and effect…

    If our love is anchored in God first, then all human beings are included, even oneself as God is in all – and all is in God.

    Thank you for sharing, dear friend 🙂
    Love and hugs

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