The Spotlight

Being in the spotlight sounds glamorous and amazing right,

It all depends on why that spotlight is shining on you,

I often remind myself all attention isn’t good attention,

Not to mention some people can’t handle the spotlight,

They fight all their lives to get noticed then find out the spotlight is too hot,

Some don’t like to share the spotlight,

They might know that the world doesn’t revolve around them,

But that doesn’t stop them from pretending that it does,

Because they yearn for the spotlight,

They want it more than anything in the world,

The TV and movies makes it look almost perfect,

Nothing is perfect,

Don’t let anyone trick you,

Looking for that illusive spotlight all your life is a risky adventure,

I think you should do the best you can do,

You shouldn’t be chasing and following the spotlight anyway,

The Spotlight is supposed to follow you

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1 Response to The Spotlight

  1. Halbarbera says:

    “It’s really not good.” Overhead lighting is popular because it gives the space a sharp, clean look. But Mr. Pehrsson said it casts pronounced shadows across the face, particularly under your eyes, enhancing wrinkles and imperfections. It doesn’t do your body any favors either.Apr 8, 2019

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