I got bigger thoughts on my mind,

It has nothing to do with money or popularity,

It has to do with making the most of my time,

I don’t want to spend my time thinking about what someone else thinks about me,

I also don’t want to waste my time trying to prove something to someone else,

Unless I want to,

My mind has so much in it that I want to express,

My mind gets no rest,

It’s feels like its begging me to get my thoughts out,

Not simple thoughts,

Thoughts so complex I have a difficult time getting them out,

I’m positive its others that feels this way,

That’s why from day to day,

I say what I want to say,

I’m not ashamed or afraid of being me,

From my sometimes silly stories,

To me always giving God the glory,

My imperfections and sins,

I’ve written about all of them with my mighty pen,

I’ve found me along time ago,

A reason for me to unwillingly want to prove myself to someone else seems small, and I pray I never find,

That’s why I always try to keep bigger thoughts on my mind,

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