Let’s Be Friends

As I approach you my intentions aren’t to put another down in conversation so I can rise,

To get your attention or simply a conversation would be a prize,

What a spectacular creation God made when he created you,

Of course the thoughts in my mind you will never know unless I find a way to articulate my feelings,

You have me so nervous at the moment I don’t know if I can even say how I’m feeling,

The sound of your voice and the fascinating intellectual words you speak are incredibly attractive,

Not to mention your poised and charismatic I think that is completely refreshing,

Your beauty did grab my attention first,

I feel that mind, heart, personality is what attracts me the most,

Outer beauty can be taken away but inner beauty is here to stay,

I can’t let a moment like this get away,

Please stay awhile longer so I can get my thoughts together on whether I should be all the way me,

Or my representative,

They say first impression are important,

I say if your first impression is a fake impression than your being fake,

So I’m going to take my time before I introduce myself,

I’m wise enough to know that you might shut me down from the start,

That’s why at first I will approach with my mind and not my heart,

Could this be love at first sight,

It all depends,

In the beginning I’m praying we can just be friends,

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