Touchy Questions

If we all need to be excepted, than why do I need to change and you get to stay the same?,

And if you say its because I’m wrong,

Who made you the judge of right and wrong?,

So it’s ok for you to force you opinions and whatever else on me?,

But if I disagree I’m terrible?,

Yet your free to practice what you believe,

Do you not see the contradiction?,

If you don’t like me why try to make me like you?,

I’m so confused,

You judge me because I don’t agree with you,

And you don’t want people to judge you,

If you judge how do you expect not to be judged?,

If you get what you give, you can’t want people to be open minded when it comes to you, and your close minded with them,

That’s not inclusive because your leaving all the people who don’t agree with you out,

Why do you even care what I think anyway?,

Touchy Questions. …

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