What Do You Do(Complainers)

I know people who just love to complain,

They are never having a good day,

You say its nice and sunny outside,

They want it to rain,

Complain, complain, complain,

They are always tired are not feeling well,

They love to tell how they are not in a good mood today,

It’s like the only way they can talk is in complaints,

Its surreal that they think constantly complaining is keeping it real,

I feel constantly bragging and constantly complaining are equally annoying,

To me its almost the same,

Complainers are always looking for someone or something to blame,

Their job,




And on and on,

It’s like complaining brings them joy,

It’s a difference between getting your real feelings out in conversation, and complaining about every mundane thing about life,

I’ve found out if your around unhappy complaining people it will rub off on you,

It’s true,

People like that are everywhere,

So what do you do?

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2 Responses to What Do You Do(Complainers)

  1. True and many are parents that raised their children on the same pessimism.☹️

  2. prasannapala says:

    Few people try to make us sad by complaining unnecessarily. A smile can stop all these complaints. A simple happy smile is enough. your smile itself stops their words and they never try to complain about anything to us again. Because they feel insulted if we smile. No need to get worried every time. Smile and move on.

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