Rude People

Should you just let it go,

Or should you show them that it won’t happen again,

I’m not here for offense I’m here for defend,

I’m not here to offend I also don’t want to be purposely offended,

This world is blended with countless kinds of people,

Some people are what I would consider polite and some are just down right rude,

I try my best not to prejudge, but when someone shows me how rude they are,how am I to think,

In a blink words can make someone irritated or upset,

Try not to let rude people make you rude,

Oh! it’s so difficult not to react in kind,

If I could rewind I would watch my words more carefully when responding to fools,

But the flipside to me is, if I let them talk to me like that am I a fool also,

Or am I the so called ” bigger person”,

I believe you should try not to be intentionally rude,

You shouldn’t bother people who are not bothering you,

I don’t like confrontations or arguing, but if you lay down for every rude person you’ll be a doormat and that’s true.

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3 Responses to Rude People

  1. If you don’t provide proper boundaries and learn to say “No!” You will be taken advantage of…

  2. True that .. It’s not always possible to ignore the rude behaviour. At times, you need to give it back.

  3. Sonali says:

    Wise words. I myself, am a very quiet person and try my best to avoid conflicts and arguments. But sometimes, it’s just so necessary to put some boundaries and make the other person aware of it. Well written ♥♥

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