Pondering About Love

You listened to love songs and believed they were true,

You heard the lyrics and prayed all of that would happen to you,

All you have to do is believe right?

That’s very questionable from some people’s point of view,

They wanted love but in the end ended up with hate,

You can debate that,

But real life is my proof,

I believe in love,

I love love,

I also live in reality where people breakup every day,

No matter how much you pray can you really heal a broken heart,

I love talking about the good parts of love,

A true blessing from above,

But I can’t shove the thoughts of the other side out of my mind,

Can I really find love other than from God,

Because human love is fragile, deceptive,beautiful,painful and amazing,

Human love is unpredictable,

How can I trust it?

I don’t,

I trust and believe that God will watch over me and not burden me with love, but bless me with it,

I have been crushed by love,

Abandoned and hurt,

I also would not be alive if someone didn’t love me,

Love so incredibly complex and deep how can anyone say they know about love,

I can ponder on thoughts about love forever,

The love that I truly depend on is Gods love, which I believe is forever.

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5 Responses to Pondering About Love

  1. Judy Kim says:

    So much joy and so much pain, love is an incredible experience.

  2. Sonali says:

    So true and so beautifully written! May you be blessed by love ♥♥

  3. denise421win says:

    I hope more people will experience love in the right way … awesome post

  4. I love the truth in all this.

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