The Negativity Virus

If negativity was a virus how does it spread,

It starts word of mouth until it gets in your head,

Gossipers, trouble makers and know it Alls are super spreaders,

The media and news isn’t giving any kind of antidote,

They are the main ones putting out the negativity virus,

And not just where you live,

They spreading it across the globe,

If I’m not telling the truth,

Watch the world news for proof,

All negative news and 30 seconds of positive news at the end,

Maybe that’s how the world is?

Or is it how the media wants you to see it?

Maybe the world enjoys the negativity virus and want to see it,

Or is it being forced into your brain,

Oh yeah it’s always raining somewhere,

Just like the sun is shining somewhere,

Why only talk about the rain constantly?

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