I want some money,

I’d like some money,

I might even need some money,

But let me get this straight,

I should overwork myself,

Do people dirty to get money, then use that money to show-off to those same people,

Also I need to believe that my life’s success is attached to my bank account,

Got it,

I don’t agree,

You see I do need to eat,

I do have bills and family,

And I don’t see anything wrong with being financially stable,

If I was able to be super rich I would,

On my last day I know I won’t be thinking “I should have chased money more”,

Money to me is an inanimate tool that is extremely useful,

I just don’t want to be fooled into thinking it can save me…

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1 Response to Money!!

  1. “$Money! 1’m bigger and better than $Money$
    I make $Money$
    $Money$ don’t make me”_-Van Prince

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