All Alone

Let’s start with the first to leave,

Can you believe the person that was supposed to stay went away,

It effected me in so many ways,

Some might say I did the same ,

I disagree,

You see I did support,

I tried to be around,

I definitely could have tried harder,

You didn’t try at all,

No money or time,

I partnered with someone full of drama,

You were with a person that loved God deeply,

And you still left!!

I have somewhat of an excuse because I had to deal with all types of resistance and difficulty,

What was your excuse?

Why did you leave?…

Now for the drama,

In hindsight I’m glad you left,

I probably should have never met you in the first place,

I was in a race to be in love,

So I can’t lie I just liked who liked me,

Now I see how one innocent choice can change everything for life,

Can you believe I actually wanted you to stay,

I know what I was thinking then,


Now I’m thinking that you and I could never be,

I don’t like you and word is you hate me,

Strong emotions,

I’m glad you left…

Next is a so called friend,

One of the most inconsistent people I’ve ever known,

Just negative for no reason,

I knew you would only be around for a season,

Maybe you were around too long,

Everyday calling me with a different sad song about a situation you created,

Running your mouth recklessly is what you do,

The mistake you made was thinking you could talk to me like that too,

I had to cut you off because I have so many better things to do,

Other than hear you complain and then have the nerve to constantly put me down,

I don’t stick around for any kind of abuse verbal or physical,


Who’s next,

My love,

The one I thought was sent from above,

The one who made me feel invincible,

What happened,

Why did you leave,

Can you believe that some people actually like drama,

They don’t want stability and consistency,

You wanted to go out with the cool crowd,

I wasn’t cool enough I guess,

The cool crowd abandoned you shortly after and so did the rest,

I confess I felt for you,

Because I really do love you,

You walked out for no real reason with my heart,

When life started tearing you apart who did you come to for support,


You see I never wanted you to leave,

But now after what you took me through,

I’m not sure I ever want you to come back…

Many others have come and gone,

I’ve never been alone,

God has been with me,

He has blessed me with family,

He has blessed me with learning lessons throughout life about importancy of what is important,

God, Family and


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