First Kiss

My first kiss I remember vividly,

My first kiss now I wish I had missed,

The list of life changing events after that kiss is almost infinite,

Its inconceivable that something so innocent, and what I thought at the time would be forgettable,would change my life forever,

I was in my right mind,

I didn’t have the correct mindset,

I just let childish emotions get the best of me,

Who would have thought that one kiss would also take the rest of me,

We were two kids trying to be grown,

Wanted to figure life out on our own,

I don’t condone my actions at that time,

I’m saying I made some very spontaneous and uninformed decisions,

I’m still living with many of them,

That first real kiss was a choice I’d like to take back,

I had a lack of judgment and discernment then,

From within I know it had to happen,

That kiss did bring something “Beautiful ” into this world,

That first real kiss

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