Can I Motivate You

Can I motivate you,

I really want to,

Because all my life I wished someone would motivate me,

Not just to be seen,

Real motivation,

Like always love yourself,

Improve and grow,

Strive to be a better you,

But always love who you are,

No one is perfect,

So be careful with comparisons and advice,

Don’t think twice about if you are worth loving,

You and your love are both priceless,

These are not just words this is how I really feel,

You have to figure out what’s really real,

Can I motivate you,

Maybe I can,

Understand even if I can’t God is always there,

That’s all the motivation you really need

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3 Responses to Can I Motivate You

  1. Nice one, reminds me of something I read recently – you’re always inspiring someone or the other in your network. Most times you don’t know who, but the power of influence is a beautiful thing to be conscious and aware so that it brings out a positive energy from within

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