Thoughts on Love

I’m not neccessary looking for love,

But my eyes are open,

My heart is open,

My mind has to find a way to trust love again,

I’m a strong believer in love,

What a blessing it is to find love,

Love is very mysterious and illusive to me,

I found love once and lost love twice,

Look can be extremely mean and it can be lovingly nice,

I’ve seen it in both forms from the same person,

If real love is forever have I really ever met love,

The love I knew walked out,

The love I knew was a cheat,

The love I knew knocked me off my feet,

Maybe it wasn’t a mutual feeling,

I know what I felt,

So what do I think of love and relationships,

I think they are dangerous, unpredictable and complicated,

I also think they are beautiful, amazing, and heavenly,

Maybe I’ll find love or maybe love will find me

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