Open/Closed Minded

My mind is open,

It’s also closed,

I’m open minded to new ideas,

I’m open minded to exploration and discovery,

I’m closed minded to being forced into a certain train of thought,

I’m closed minded to looking for negativity,

I’m closed minded to intentionally causing negativity,

You mind is free to think whatever you want,

And my mind is free to disagree,

I have countless issues,

Yet I absolutely love being me,

My mind is open,

My mind is also closed

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5 Responses to Open/Closed Minded

  1. spiritualfantasia says:

    Wise words =)

  2. henhouselady says:

    It is strange how a mind can be open and closed at the same time. I thought your poem examined that very well. There are things we should be closed off to. Negativity tops that list. Thank you for sharing.

  3. We are both, aren;t we?

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