Money On The Mind

Let’s be real I’m not money hungry,

I am hungry though,

Money can’t solve my problems or issues,

It can pay the bills though,

What would I do for money?

It’s more things I won’t do for money than I will,

Until I get blessed with a financial breakthrough,

I’m going to work and not steal,

I’d like to be financially free and that’s real,

Not to show off,

Not because I think it’s so important,

To get it off of my mind,

Money is like medicine to me,

I hate taking it but sometimes I actually need it to survive,

But it is what it is , because it’s not money its God keeping me alive

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2 Responses to Money On The Mind

  1. Money is the median by which we live and the medium by which we judge success 98%,
    also we make money and money don’t make us and that process
    make us positive in our travels in life enjoying nature!

  2. This just about says it all – I admire your honesty here.

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