North Side

I remember God watching over me,

He had to be because we lived right in the middle of chaos,

Drug dealers,

And real lifetime criminals everywhere,

And I basically walked everywhere with no thought of being harmed,

My life was never threatened in anyway I know of,

I maybe got shoved once or twice by some other kids,

I was young so I probably was more naive than full of faith,

I could have wasted my life if I had not been so blessed,

I confess looking back I should have been terrified everyday,

And horrified every night,

But I never was,

Any moment a bullet could have whizzed through my bedroom from some random thug or drug dealer,

They say that drugs and guns are the big problem,

Meantal health might be the real killer,

I say this because I grew up in the middle of an environment that seemed to be formed for me not to survive,

And if it wasn’t for God blessing me with a strong mother and a strong mind I wouldn’t be alive

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