I’m Not Waiting On You

I’m not saying our paths won’t cross again but I’m not waiting for you,

I don’t have that luxury and neither do you,

The chains were broken when I finally got a chance to say what I needed to say,

I had been waiting to tell you so much all the way up to that day,

My parting words to you were “please don’t disappear on me and cut off contact”,

You said I love you,

I said I love you too,

I haven’t talked to you or seen you since then,

I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am to God for letting me see you one last time,

I’m not going to lie I still do have feelings for you,

I was in love,

I don’t know what you were,

Now that I’ve said what I wanted to say and we parted on good terms I feel relieved,

It still hurts but not nearly as bad as not being able to tell you how I feel,

Don’t think for one minute I don’t love you because God knows I do,

But life is short and I’m not going to waste mine waiting on you

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