Conflicting Thoughts

Another day,

Its started all over again,

Thank God!

I’ve survived to fight another day,

That’s nothing but Gods grace,

I not miserable but I can’t say I like the place I’m in,

It’s hard to defend yourself in this crazy world,

Sometimes I feel like everything is trying to get me,

Sicknesses, criminals, even the weather,

Whatever I fear there is a news report to substantiate these feelings ,

Without God I wouldn’t even have the courage to go on,

Believe or don’t believe but I could never conceive the thought of life without my faith,

I look for the bad but I expect the good,

I should have more faith,

I can never have enough,

Life isn’t fair and it’s tough,

It’s also a beautiful gift from God,

I’m trying so hard to make the best of it,

God help me

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