I Remember Thinking I Was In Love With You

I was so young,

Trying to emulate what I thought was a perfect relationship,

You were not meant for me,

Now I can’t believe I couldn’t see,

I was willing to be whomever you wanted me to be,

That was wrong,

I was trying to live like a love song,

Or a love poem,

Some fairytales are true,

Just not ours

Do opposites really attract,

In my experience the answer is no,

Not sure if that’s a fact,

But our differences broke us apart,

You never had my heart,

You had my interest,

You are one adventure I wish I never went on,

I think I just wanted to be in love so bad I was willing to love whomever loved me,

The stupidity I can now clearly see in my thoughts and actions,

The effects that we caused from being in fake love will follow us a lifetime,

One thing I have learned over time is try to pretend,

To lie and say you love someone when you don’t is horrible

I was willing to stay forever and work it out,

You chose to leave,

You walked out,

I’m not the one to scream and shout,

I really doubt you ever loved me,

I was just a moment in time for you,

It’s true at some point I thought we were desperately in love,

Yeah right

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