The Sunshine At The End Of My Day

At the end of my day I pray and thank God for you, because you give me hope at the time I need it most,

Sunshine at the end of a cloudy day,

and those three words you and I say constantly I Love You, makes me stay away from depressing thoughts,

I could have never brought myself to imagine that I would have an Angel all to myself,

You watch over me and I can see that you love me,

Thats why at the end of the day I look in those precious brown eyes of yours and my heart just cries,

I feel my eyes tear up and begin to pour because you honestly do try to make me happy,

Whatever you want,

Whatever you need, call on me and I will get it for you,

because no matter how hard it gets or how many problems come my way,

You will always be the Sunshine at the end of my day.

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