Where do tears come from, they come from the soul,

If our tears came out red, would they come from the heart,

Some say tears are a sign of weakness, Some say love,

Some say when it rains God is crying tears from above,

There are tears of joy and tears of pain,

Sunny days and days of rain,

Our tears express both feelings, joy and pain love and hate,

We sould not debate what our tears really mean,

We should look in between each drop and count our blessings,

Without tears how would we expess our inner most feelings,

Some even say that their tears have dried up,

But I must say mine are still flowing and showing everyone around me
emotions that I need to express,

Things I need to confess,

So my tears are like, drops of my spirit,

When they hit the surface you can hear it,

If you listen very closely they tell a story of my emotions,

Tears I know they come from God

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