I Don’t Want To Be Hurt

I’m a person and I do have feelings,

I just can’t let them be palyed with,

So I have to be careful,

I have to be sure of what and who I
envolve myself with,

because if I don’t that’s not showing love for myself and my heart and even my health,

When they say love hurts they are not lying,

Love hurts love kills it heals,

It does it all so I dont want to be
a victim of love unless its in a beautiful

I stay close to God and love
because they are my best friends
through thick and thin,

I’m not broken I’m tired of playing games,

Love with no worrys or pains the rains and storms have already come,

My heart is on high alert,

I just don’t want to be hurt

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1 Response to I Don’t Want To Be Hurt

  1. “When you are afraid to live and love
    you will never live but merely exist,!” _Van Prince

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