Life Lessons

Where were you at in life when you realized that the earth didn’t revolve around you,

Where you a young child or and adult,

Or did you always know,

How bad did it hurt when you found out that the people you thought cared were barely concerned,

Where there any lessons learned from all the times you trusted someone way more than you should have,

How about making decisions without thinking about the long term consequences,

Are that time you thought you were in love and it was just a game, should you feel ashamed,

What did you get from being loyal to people who weren’t loyal to you,

Have you learned how to gain experience from others mistakes,

Has life taught you anything…

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1 Response to Life Lessons

  1. anitaannabel says:

    Life has taught me a lot….
    To watch people closely enough to realize they’re zebra’s(dual colored), to trust no one and most especially my very self. Life has thrown curves at me and i would really be a despicable fool if I haven’t learnt lessons from life

    Talk about trusting someone more than you should…..that’s my prime problem with life….can you send a genuine friend to me?
    Or being loyal to someone who didn’t deserve it?
    Hahaha…..I guess life has made me a different person and believe me, its not the person you would love to meet….

    Life is messed up!!!

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