My Sad Love Poem

I remember you and your love,

I appreciated you and your love when it was around,

Confident I had found real love,

I can’t explain what happened,

There’s many things in this life that is unexplainable and very painful,

It’s not shameful to have been hurt before,

I’m sure if you’ve had your heart broken before you can understand,

This pain doesn’t care if your a woman or a man,

I’m not a fan of keeping my feelings in,

Your going to know exactly how I feel from within,

Don’t act like your heart can’t be broken,

That’s like saying you never sin,

Well my heart has been broken and stepped on in the past,

I’ve been hurting so long I remember praying to God “HOW LONG WILL THIS LAST“,

I’ve cried,

I’ve lied and said I was ok, when I was emotionally destroyed,

I’ve felt like my whole world had been toyed with,

It didn’t feel like like was over,

It felt like I had a huge weight on my shoulders without love as motivation,

That’s real feelings,

No hiding,

Expressing my feelings like this has never felt wrong,

This is my Sad Love Poem

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2 Responses to My Sad Love Poem

  1. “Broken hearts mend
    when love is kind
    alwaysin your heart, body, soul, and mind.”
    _-Van Prince

    *You have discovered how powerful loveis
    and you have what too many writers don’t
    the courage to write about love what people love to read and feel
    yet too many writers here is to conservative to pen*

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