The Mature Man

The mature man is not perfect,

He’s mature,experienced and wise,

His prize has been survival,

Time is his only rival,

God has showed him tremendous grace,

His face is not worn or wrinkled with worry and pain,

His mind stays sane through crazy times,

He has a better grasp of right and wrong,

Parts of his life are a reflection of your favorite sad love song,

He loves God and family,

Heaven is his final destination goal,

He has learned how to put his heart and soul into important activities,

This didn’t happen overnight,

There were a bunch of fights,

Many ” oops I should’ve done that”

Thousands of ” I’ll never do that again “

Countless sins,

So many ” Now I know”,

The mature man learned from his mistakes and it shows,

Blessed is this mature man to survive and still stand,

The mature mans age doesn’t have to be a certain age,

Some people learned faster from their mistakes and life lessons,

It doesn’t matter when you learn if your still around to learn is a blessing,

The mature man knows he will never be perfect,

That he will never know it all,

That he will mess up and fall short,

The mature man doesn’t concern himself with thinking he is the most intelligent,

Because the one thing that the mature man did that he should have done from the start,

The Mature Man gave God his heart.

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9 Responses to The Mature Man

  1. “A mature man knows what direction he’s traveing in
    know what he wants out of life periodt.” _-Van Prince

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