I Fell In Love

I Fell In Love,

I honestly didn’t know if it was possible at this point,

Sometimes you get hurt so many times it gets to the point you don’t trust,

The feeling of fake love can be extremely deceptive,

For long periods of time you might not be able to tell the difference,

Fake love hurts,

Real love heals,

Real love peels back all the layers you have built up to protect your heart,

Real love is forever it will never part,

Falling in love takes time,

You might not recognize it from the start,

Some people don’t care if it’s fake love or real love they’ll take it however they can get it,

You are more valuable than that,

Fake love is a waste of time,

It might take a lifetime for some to admit it,

But me I Fell In Love…


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11 Responses to I Fell In Love

  1. Too many times lovers allow fake love in the past
    prevent them from reconizing true love that will last
    and you give fake love of gthe past to pass up true love that last.
    Remember that when fake love appear and disappear you must have the strength
    to erase it and move on and never let a nagative past prevent you embracing a positive present to travel into a positive future!

  2. True words about fake vs REAL love. Lovely. ♥️

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