As I look into the mirror I put myself on trial,

And in this case I find myself guilty,

Guilty of being a sinner,

Guilty of falling short of perfection,

Guilty of not being good,

But who is good,

I could sing a song on how good I am,

I should be singing a song on how good God is,

Because I’m definitely not good,

I don’t want to walk around high and mighty like I’ve never did anything wrong,

However long I have on this earth I know I’ll sin again,

White lie,

Black lie,

A lie is a lie,

Sin is sin,

Looking deep within I know I have no right to judge anyone,

Yet unconsciously I do,

Sometimes I think “who are you to judge someone “,

I believe that God has forgiven me for my sins,

That still doesn’t make me not a sinner,

I don’t break the law,

No crime has been committed,

Does that automatically make me a winner,

I understand the difference between what is pleasing to God and what’s pleasing to the world,

When I look in the mirror I love the person I see,

Because I love me,

I also know that the person I see is no better than anyone else on the street,office, church or anywhere else,

All I pray is God continue to love me and show me your wonderful grace,

Give me wisdom and understand,

Teach me right from wrong,


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