Judging Pain

Instead of sympathizing with someone else’s pain you tell them your pain is worse,

“You don’t know what I been through “,

I can say the exact same thing to you,

How can you judge my pain and then want me to fell sorry for you,

This isn’t a competition,

It’s supposed to be respect and understanding,

My pain is nothing compared to yours,

Who makes that judgment,

Who made you the judge of the different degrees of pain,

The sun shines and rains on everything and everyone,

You are not the only one going through something,

Don’t dismiss other people like they don’t have a life,

If you are alive you have felt pain,

Physical and mental,

I don’t like when people act like they are the only ones struggling,

Like they are the only ones dealing with problems,

If someone tells you they are having a bad day don’t automatically tell them your having a worse day,

I’d just rather you tell me that you’ll pray for me and keep it moving,

If you are having a bad day don’t compare my situation to yours,

I’m not you,

What might break me,

Might not even effect you and vice versa,

You shouldn’t judge my pain and I shouldn’t judge yours

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1 Response to Judging Pain

  1. jonicaggiano says:

    So true. Everyone we meet is having a great battle of some kind. What you said is true. Love ❤️ Joni

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