My World

I wouldn’t want to be famous,

I would like my creativity to be seen,

I want my heart and soul to be viewed,

Love me because my mind works differently,

Materialistic things seem to manipulate some people minds,

They create a point of view about a person based on what they have instead of who they are,

I’d like to be my definition of success, in my own creative space,

I’ve faced the reality of how the world works,

I also live in my reality and I know how my world works,

In my world,

If I say I’m a Writer,

I’m a Writer!

I don’t need anyone to label me,

You may never see the beauty and complexity I put into these simple words…

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1 Response to My World

  1. “Being rich, famous, and known in the object sense is public and Objective,
    Being rich, famous, and unknown in secrecy is subjective!”_-Van Prince

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